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Sam Feiser, CFP®, ChFC®

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Snow kids

I am very thankful for my “old school” childhood. When it snowed, my parents kicked me out the door at 7 a.m. and gave me a sandwich and some water at lunchtime. I would come inside after dark to eat dinner. Over the summer, we were outside most of the time. Other than periodically checking in with them, we were free to wander around the neighborhood and woods. I developed a strong sense of independence. With freedom came no shortage of responsibility and discipline. A common phrase used by my father was, “You know what will make you [fill in the blank with anything that was important to us at the time – stronger, better at swimming, etc.]??? If you weed the garden!! Or mow the grass!!”

Sam swim

My parents preached commitment while I was growing up. I started swimming at 10 years old and I stopped after graduating college- walking away as a nine-time collegiate All-American. There were plenty of times I wanted to quit, plenty of days I did not want to practice, plenty of days I thought I hated swimming. Well, they pushed me to keep showing up...usually by saying “just go to practice today and let’s talk about it tomorrow”. At some point, I grew up and no longer need the conversations about commitment, discipline, work ethic. I took it upon myself and it is something I cherish.

There are endless mentors, awesome coaches, and great friends I have met throughout my swimming career. The amount of support I received still shocks me!

While learning the standard of responsibility, discipline, and hard work came an interest in being helpful. At age 10, I helped my dad disassemble a friend’s deck and while loading up some of the boards, I sent a 2x8x12 through his vehicle’s windshield. About a year later, my dad decided to turn an old pop-up camper of ours into a trailer and asked me to assist. He learned that day that it is all about the details. The job was to “demolish” the existing camper while leaving the frame intact. The first thing I “helped” with was smashing all the taillights. I was told later, in the form of a joke, the taillights were the only thing on the whole rig that was necessary to keep. In both cases, there was no yelling, no punishment, no hard feelings. His response was a simple pat on the back and a non-sarcastic, “Good job, Sam.” Today I look back and see the great value in the amount of encouragement he offered and the patience he had with me. He made it okay for us to fail and make mistakes. Failure and mistakes are always an opportunity to learn.

Throughout middle school and high school, I worked a couple of different jobs. From my own venture selling sodas at the local school ball games to landscaping and later lifeguarding. Looking back, I see the value and impact of what seem to be small decisions. Around my sophomore year of high school, I developed a strong desire to understand how businesses function, how money is transferred, and how taxes are or are not paid. That led me to make my decision to study accounting and swim at Bloomsburg University an easy one. I seek to understand things. I was THAT annoying kid who ALWAYS asked or wondered why. I found accounting to be a profession/science that can always keep a record and explain why. To give context to why small decisions are important, I taught swim lessons to the kids of the gentleman who hired me and exposed me to the world of financial planning after graduating college!

Sam help sink

When I am not working, you will find me spending time with family, friends, or my wife, Laura, in the gym, hunting, fishing, hiking, biking, or anything outdoors!

I currently hold the FINRA SIE, Series 7, and Series 66 securities registration. I have earned my ChFC® designation and CFP® certification.

I feel I bring a unique perspective to the world of financial planning, especially on the business succession side! So now that you know about me, I’d like to learn more about you! Let’s get together to see what we can accomplish!

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