Diane Culver

Diane Culver

Client Service Manager

Diane Culver – Client Service Manager

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Have you ever heard the saying “She’s nothing if not tenacious”? That would most likely be the way many who know me would describe me. I am definitely determined and persistent. While I often drive my family, friends, and co-workers a bit crazy with this trait, they do seem to appreciate my desire to complete “the task” and do it with excellence.

My proudest accomplishment is staying the course to have our two beautiful daughters, Grace, and Andrea. My husband, Michael, and I traveled down a LONG and often painful path with infertility. We struggled through many unsuccessful cycles and at one point I almost gave up on having children. In 2000, we told our fertility specialist we would try one last cycle. The embryologist called me on the day of my embryo transfer and said she had never seen three more beautiful embryos. Nine months later, Grace Elizabeth, entered our world. What a joy and gift she is to our family. She loves to water-ski and now skis for Clemson University. Several years later, we did another cycle and Andrea was born in May 2004. Andrea and I share a birthday and I cannot imagine a more wonderful present! Her dancing brings us much joy.

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I began my career with Kraft Foods in 1984. After seven years in corporate finance, I made a change to sales, where I spent an additional 10 years. After having Grace, I resigned from Kraft Foods and our family relocated to Pennsylvania, where I was born and raised. I look forward to being a crucial part of ensuring that we do the very best for all of our clients providing revolutionary service. I promise I will be tenacious, as I want our clients to be as grateful as I am that my family’s financial and estate planning “shop” is in order.

On a more personal note, our family has a love for snow skiing and boating. My boating skill is limited to slalom skiing, but the rest of the crew enjoys slalom skiing, wakeboarding, and wake surfing. I also am an avid reader. Oddly enough, I love mowing the lawn. While my tenacious side seeks perfect lines…I thoroughly enjoy the time alone to enjoy the nice weather and the beautiful scenery.